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The colder months of the year generally tend to highlight weaknesses in a heating system and as the last month has been pretty cold you may be thinking that the old boiler has to go.

Wall mounted combi boiler

Old wall mounted combi-boiler

Now the decision has been made, how do you actually decide on what boiler to buy? Well, before you settle on a certain make, model or Installation Company there are a few quite important questions you need to ask:

  • What type of existing heating system do I have?
  • Do I just need to replace the boiler or the whole system?
  • What fuel-type will my new boiler need to be?
  • Do I need a floor mounted or wall mounted boiler?
  • Would I be better of moving the new boiler to a different place?
  • What size boiler do I need?
  • Who should I get to fit my new boiler?

Quite a lot of questions you might be thinking but unfortunately they are all necessary and really need to be answered in full to ensure that you get the boiler that is ideally suited to your household needs.

You may also be thinking "where do I start?" and that is indeed a very good question – The best option is to start at the end of the above list.

Finding a Reliable Heating Engineer

When you’re dealing with heating systems, particularly gas, you have to use a Gas Safe Registered engineer – it’s the law!

A Gas Safe engineer will not only ensure that you’re new boiler and heating system are installed correctly but they are installed safely.

Using a non-Gas Safe registered installer you could not only be putting your life at risk but in most cases, this will also invalidate your home insurance.

When interviewing potential tradesmen, always ask for the engineers Gas Safe registration number – a genuine engineer will be happy to provide this. Once you have it, check that it is valid over on the Gas Safe Register website

Answering Other Boiler Related Questions

In terms of the other questions that we have above, your heating engineer will most probably be able to answer most of them for you, if not, they should be able to offer some insight and guidance:

  • What Size Boiler do I Need?: Your chosen engineer should be able to help you calculate the sizes of your rooms and the required heat output you will need to sufficiently heat them
  • Would I be Better of Moving the new Boiler to a Different Place: The answer to this will probably be a combination of the engineer’s suggestions and your desire to make better use of any available space. For instance, in the majority of cases a wall mounted combi-boiler will be best suited being installed on an external wall but you may not want this so may be able to suggest a better location that the engineer can check and confirm
  • Do I need a Floor Mounted or Wall Mounted Boiler: Most modern boilers come in either the wall mounted or floor mounted variety – the best type for you will again depend on quite a few different factors that you will need to discuss with your installer
  • What Fuel-Type will my new Boiler Need to be: This will really be dictated by the current fuel type you use (e.g. gas, oil etc….) so in the majority of cases you will be stuck with this
  • Do I just Need to Replace the Boiler or the Whole System and Your Current Heating System: You’re Gas Safe installer will again be able to advise you on your current system setup and the available options and what is best not only for the here and now but also what will benefit you in the long run

The above is a brief run down on what you need to think about when changing your boiler but as with all things there is also a great many other questions an

d things you need to think about. Check out our choosing a new boiler project here for even more great advice.

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