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Why build a Home Gym?

If you find it hard to drag yourself off to the gym, why not build your own home gym in a spare room, shed or garage. Then you can exercise in private, whenever you want and as often as you like with no ongoing membership fees.

Here’s a quick guide to the benefits of building a home gym…

Benefits of a Home Gym

Build your own home gym

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Where would you put your home gym?

Dining rooms are the most underused rooms in the UK. Most UK households prefer to eat their meals in the kitchen or in front of the TV in the living room. If you only use your dining room on special occasions like Christmas Day and Sunday Lunch why not make better use of the space by having a home gym in there?

You can have a gym set up for the majority of the time, and an extending or drop-leaf table, and stacking or folding chairs, which can be pushed out of the way while you are working out.

When you want to set up a more formal dining room the gym equipment can be stacked behind a folding screen, or you could build some built in cupboards to put the equipment in so it doesn’t spoil the ambiance while you are eating.

If you have a spare room that only houses guests a couple of times a year, you could easily turn a bedroom into a home gym, and have a sofa bed for those occasions when you want to put people up. Gym equipment could be stored under the bed or in a wardrobe while the room is being used as a bedroom and the rest of the time you can move the furniture out the way to give yourself space to work out.

If you want lots of space for exercise you could consider a loft conversion. While this is an expensive way of having a home gym it does mean you can get exactly what you want. You will find lots of help and advice on converting your loft in our project pages.

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