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New Brick and Mortar takes time to Weather

When you repair a wall or add an extension you can find the new brick and mortar stick out like a sore thumb – even if you have matched the materials. New bricks and mortar take time to weather, mellow down, and look like the surrounding materials, unless you use Weathering Tint.

This is not a new product it is an age old solution used by brick manufacturers for generations, and the generations we are talking about are linked to the same company. Mark Bebbington of Bebbington Brick is the son of a brick tinter. Their company’s services have been a well-kept industry secret for 40 years.

Garage extension with new brick and mortar

Garage extension with new brick and mortar

Bebbington Brick are used by brick manufacturers, brick merchants and construction companies to blend in new builds, soften the visual impact of repairs, and match bricks and stone to their neighbouring conditions.

New Brick and Mortar before treating with Bebbington Brick Weathering Tint

After treating with Bebbington Brick Weathering Tint

The method remains largely unchanged from Mark’s father’s time – they just have forty years’ more experience and knowledge of their product. It is not quirky or gimmicky, it is a time-honoured, traditional way of blending in new materials to old ones. The BDA (Brick Development Association) recognise brick tinting as a remedial process.

Mark says that “. . . if you can paint you can tint bricks . . .”, and Bebbington Bricks are now bringing their Weathering Tint product to the DIY market so that you can carry out this process on your own home, or building projects.

Bebbington Brick continue to carry out professional brick tinting for clients, and they are especially valued where the building is of historical interest. They have worked on Warwick Castle, Fort Dunlop, Belfast Court House, The Wedgwood Museum, Aintree Racecourse, JJB Stadium, and Old Trafford Cricket Ground. They have carried out contracts for local councils and the MoD, but they also work for private clients too.

As seen on Grand Designs

Mark’s company stepped blinking into the limelight when their services were employed by the builders of The Violin Factory featured on Grand Designs for Channel 4. Bebbington Brick Services were able to tint a party wall to the satisfaction of the local conservation officer and local planning authority. The alternative was to demolish the wall, which would have resulted in an expensive re-design and the subsequent delays that would entail.

Bebbington Brick’s Weathering Tint can be used on stone, tiles, mortar, and, well, bricks (of course). You can see how effectively it blends mismatched materials into their surroundings by watching our video below. We found an old farmyard area near our offices with some problem areas, and we asked the owner if they would let us demonstrate, so we can show you the ‘before and after’ effects of using Weathering Tint.

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