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Worst Christmas Presents : Clothing Category

Obviously socks are a boring present but these Christmas gifts go way beyond boring in to jaw-dropping WTF. Like this number from ASOS:

Christmas Elf Onesie

It is not attractive is it, and it’s certainly not sexy – why would you buy this? Either for yourself or anyone else over the age of three?

Christmas Elf Onesie

Christmas Elf Onesie from ASOS

We were rather gobsmacked by this elf onesie from Asos – it even made it onto the front page!

Real Turkey of a Sweatshirt

Christmas Turkey Sweatshirt

Christmas Turkey Sweatshirt

This Christmas Turkey sweatshirt from Tokyo Laundry is unlikely to make it out of the cupboard. Even the colour (oxblood) is terrible!

Handerpants – erm well pants for your hands I guess!


Handerpants – pants for hands

Ok, so moving on to more niche wearable items – we dug up an image for handerpants from Larry’s List of Bad Christmas Gifts on We agree Larry – these are not good!

Just too weird

Mother and Baby Jacket

Baby Carrying Jacket

It’s not just us is it, this baby carrying jacket is unnerving isn’t it? One not to buy for new parents this Christmas!

And the winner is:


For this clothing category anyway – keep reading for other horrible Christmas Gifts you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

Santakini worst Christmas Gift

Santakini Horrible Christmas Gift

This Santakini has to be the very worst wearable Christmas gift though – doesn’t it just make you shudder?

Offensive Christmas Gift Category Winner

Irish Accent

Instant Irish Accent

Instant Irish Accent

We are not really sure whether it is even acceptable to give this Christmas gift web-room. Perhaps we are just perpetuating bad and even racist Christmas gifts. What do you think of this kit for an ‘Instand Irish Accent’?

Christmas Presents that are Bad for You Winner

Smoking Mitterns – Yep Mittens for Smoking in!

Smoking Mittens - Mittens for Smokers

Smoking Mittens – Mittens for Smokers

These Smoking Mittens found on on a list of ’41 Gifts we don’t want’ are just wrong on so many levels. Thanks Marie Claire.

Least Likely to Use Category Winner

Pee on the Tee

Uroclub wee ont eh golf course undetected

Uroclub – Pee on the Golf Course ‘discretely’

Not sure if the UroClub also on the Marie Claire list (mentioned above) is genius, or the worst thing we’ve ever seen. Either way how likely are you get this out and use it? Frankly it just looks suspicious!

Runners up

Willy Care Kit

Willy care kit

Willy Care Kit for ahem ‘Gentlemen’

This gentleman’s willy care kit is listed on eBay variously from over a thousand pounds to £12.99. Mind you where it’s a thousand pounds you get free delivery – I should hope so! Could I suggest you don’t buy it at either price?

Half Pint Glass

Half pint glass

Half Pint Glass – Less than Half a Present

Did you see what they did there? Frankly we have come to expect better gifts than this at let’s be honest this half glass is pointless.

A Million Pound Note

A Million Pound Note gift

A Million Pound Note for Christmas

Oh please, why would you? – no one will have change for this Million Pound Note . . .

Pet-Lovers Gift Category: Joint Winners

Scary Cat Speakers

Cat Speakers

iCat? Cat Speakers

The Telegraph featured this in their Worst Christmas Gifts list. We agree, although it could help you choose who your friends are – if they like this cat speaker it’s time to part ways.

Quack – Dog Muzzle

Quack - Beak Muzzle for Dogs

Quack the Beak-shaped Muzzle for Dogs

These beak-shaped muzzles for dogs are called Quack, and honestly if you are buying Christmas presents for your pet you are already a bit quackers but please – they will get laughed out of the park!

Pointless Christmas present Category

Crap Toilet Roll

Crap Toilet Roll

Crap Toilet Roll – Crap Present

Actually the clue’s in the name, so maybe just don’t buy this Crap Toilet Roll?


Swarovski Screwdriver

crystal embedded screwdriver

Swarovski Crystal-Embedded Screwdriver

You can buy this Swarovski Electric Screwdriver from Amazon – although there was only one for sale when we looked (wonder why?), but when would you use it, really?

Santa Drinks Dispenser

Santa drinks dispenser

Santa is taking the

Surely Santa Claus is just taking the proverbial here? Oh sure this Santa drinks dispenser is funny for a while but when the mother-in-law comes round? You can see it in action on You Tube.

Name a Star

Name a star

Why Name a Star?

Not quite sure why you would want a star named after you if you haven’t actually discovered it. I’m just saying this is not what I would want for Christmas, OK?

‘Up Yours’ Mug

Up yours mug

‘Up Yours’ Mug

Why not just say ‘up yours’? Rather than have the mug do it, if that’s the way you really feel. A cowardly Christmas present idea!

Soundwave Print

Sound Wave Print

Sound Wave Print

A soundwave print of your favourite song. Nope, I don’t get it, please don’t get it for me either!

Electric Paper Plane Launcher

You shouldn’t need an electric plane launcher but if you did, you should definitely make your own version, like this one on

Overall Winner: The Useless Box

Useless Box

Useless Box for Christmas?

You could buy someone a useless box and then they could have a pointless Christmas playing with it. Although to be honest this one ‘with surprises’ below, is better, especially the ‘MC Hammer’ moment.


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