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The Right to Build Legislation that comes into effect on 31st October is designed to make self and custom building more accessible to those that want to do it. The biggest issue with self building has been the lack of suitable plots. This scheme aims to address this.

For more information about the Right to Build Legislation and how it could affect you, read our Right to Build project on the subject here. However in summary, the Self and Custom Build Housing Act of 2015 requires that all Local Authorities in England maintain a record of all aspiring self and custom builders from 1st April 2016. As on the 31st October 2016, they have to commit to meeting this demand by finding serviced plots, on a rolling three year basis.

This should mean that local councils will have to actively work to make plots available with planning permission for all those that want them, so long as they have registered their interest. This can be done online at the Right to Build portal – click here to register your interest in finding a serviced plot now.

Register with Right to BUild

Register with the Right to Build Portal to Find a Serviced Plot

What Does Right to Build Mean to the Self or Custom Builder?

This should mean that it will be much easier to find a plot and get started on your self-build project. It has been acknowledged that finding a suitable plot has been the most challenging aspect of any self build project. It is estimated that there are only around 1,500 to 2,000 suitable plots that become available each year, but this scheme should increase this dramatically. In fact, your local council (in England) are legislated to meet the demand of all those that register their interest at the Right to Build Portal.

For more information about how the scheme works, whether you are an individual or are part of a group, you should read our project that explains the Right to Buy Scheme in greater detail by clicking on the link above.

Dream building plot

Finding the perfect plot should be much easier with Right to Build

The scheme only applies to local authorities in England at present, but there is considerable pressure to implement it or schemes which would have similar effects in Wales and Scotland. In Northern Ireland the self build sector is considerably more established so the need for a scheme like this is less urgent.

Building your own home is the ultimate DIY project, and we feel that the opportunity should be open to as many people as possible. Anything that makes this easier and more accessible is something that we welcome and as such are right behind this legislation. We will watch to see how things turn out; it is predicted to be a ‘game changer’ in the bid to bring self and custom building into the mainstream.

If you are only beginning to consider a self build project, then you might find it helpful to read our introduction to self building.

Remember that you do not have to take the whole project on to get many of the savings and freedom of choice that are so appealing with a self build project. A custom build, where a developer is engaged to assist you to build your home to your designs, takes much of the stress and risk out of the traditional pure self-build route.

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