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We’re going to the Homebuilding and Renovating show in London’s Excel Centre from the 22-24th September. We have been asked to present the Tricks of the Trade Theatre for the organisers again, and we have a couple of new presentations, as well as the old favourites.

You can see the full line up here for the Tricks of the Trade Theatre, and the other theatres too, on the Homebuilding website.

Tickets have been released and can be purchased for £12 each from the Homebuilding show website, but we have been given some free tickets to give away!

Get your two free tickets here.

Gervase shapening chisels

Gervase Evan’s draws a crowd explain how to sharpen chisels

New Tricks of the Trade Presentations

This year we are putting on two new presentations which together constitute a ‘DIY-ers introduction to working with electrics’. There are a lot of myths about what you can or cannot do, particularly with regards to Part P of the building regulations and understandably there is a level of trepidation when it comes to doing any type of DIY electrical work.

We will dispel the myths, but the trepidation is a good thing because we believe that if you are not confident you should not be doing it when it comes to electrics. We will give you confidence to safely do the things that you are allowed to and explain why you need to avoid those that you’re not.

The presentations are by Matt Walpole, who was a big hit when we when to the NEC earlier in the year. Despite the name, and similar amounts of hair (although in different styles), Matt is actually no relation to our first Prime Minister Robert Walpole. Matt is a practicing electrician running a very successful business based in Warminster. He is our electrician of choice, and regularly works with us and our building company Foundations Up Construction Ltd.

Matt stripping paint

Robert Walpole – Matt Walpole: No relation surprisingly

The two new presentations are:

  1. Basic Electrics – How your lights and switches work: Matt will work through the basics so that you can confidently and safely work on lights and switches. He’ll cover the principles and then work through a couple of practical examples
  2. Basic Electrics – How your socket circuits work: Here Matt will focus on how you can install and add to socket circuits yourself. He’ll explain what you are allowed to do and where a qualified person is needed

The aims of these two presentations are to make sure that you’re confident about what you are allowed to do and then your know how to go about it safely.

Rear of double socket

Learn how to wire a plug socket safely

Old Favourites

We have kept the most popular presentations as they always get a ‘standing room only’ crowd. We will be also giving away lots of prizes and cracking (the same?!) jokes to keep you smiling.

Skim Plastering

Mike Edwards who founded DIY Doctor many years ago will be teaching skim plastering. This is always a hugely popular presentation and in 45 minutes Mike will give you the principles you get started, then it’s all down to practise.

It’s been so popular that we’ve actually recorded in on video, which you can purchase in case to can’t get to the show, or need a refresher afterwards. Get the video here.

Hanging Doors

This is another popular show by the lifelong cabinet maker, carpenter and all-round nice guy, Gervase Evans. He shows you all the tricks picked up over a career of hanging doors so that you can do this easily and avoid the pitfalls.

Gervase is also the inventor of the G-Sharp Chisel Sharpener, which is a handy tool for getting the chisel really sharp.

G Sharp chisel sharpener

Using the G-sharp chisel sharpener

Working with Tradesmen

Getting the best from your builder or tradesmen that you employ to work in your home is not as easy and many think. There are some simple things that you can do, but most people don’t, to avoid the cowboys and make sure you get a great job.

Mike presents this which his unique view as a practicing builder and champions of consumer rights against the cowboys.

Other Goodies

We’ll be giving away prizes and samples from our advertisers, who we press gang into giving us freebies to give to you!

We will also have tools that you will be able to purchase from all the presentation that we will be giving, and a whole lot more too.

We will also be presenting our new Price Doctor extension estimating software. This helps you to plan and cost your dream extension in minutes without leaving your chair! It’s simple to use and easy to budget for the work and even to check the builders quotes that you get.

Have a look over Price Doctor here, or come along and we’ll talk you through how it works.

Also you’ll get to meet the DY Doctor team, ask questions and join the DIY conversation!

We look forward to seeing you there – get your free tickets here.

Price Doctor extension pricing system

Price Doctor is the easy way to price your dream extension

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