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Which one cools better? Is it a DIY air conditioner or a Mini Portable One ?

Postby macgyver » Mon Aug 24, 2020 1:51 pm

Based on my experience with you today, I will compare DIY air conditioner construction and Mini Portable Air Conditioner on the market.

1-Is DIY air conditioner construction really effective and cheap?
2-How much money is required to build a good enough air conditioner?
3-So does this DIY air conditioner cool well?
4-Does Mini Portable Air Conditioner on the market cools better? What are the prices?
5-Does it make more sense to do or buy?

We will look at the answers to these questions ...

1-We are Trying DIY Homemade Air Coniditoner !

diy air conditioner.jpg
DIY air conditioner i made

This method uses a cooler (Styrofoam or plastic) and requires you to drill a hole on the top of the cooler. You will need to outline the circumference of the fan with a marker, making sure to make it slightly smaller so that the fan can rest on the opening without falling into the cooler. Once this is done, you will need to drill another hole for ventilation. You can use a cut our dryer vent or an elbow PVC pipe for this. The vent hole needs to be wide enough to hold either of these in place.

The next step is to fill the cooler with ice. You can use regular ice or water frozen in a container. Water frozen in plastic water bottles works well. One you replace the top of the cooler, place the fan and the elbow pipe or dryer vent in their appropriate openings. After making sure they fit snugly, it's time to start the fan. (If you want, you can additionally install the rotating axis motor of a standard fan cooler together with the electronics.) You should now be feeling a cold breeze coming from the opening.

diy air conditioner-2.jpg
DIY air conditioner i made, ice box

As a result ... The average cooling temperature of this air conditioner we made was unfortunately disappointing for me. Because although I designed it as an air conditioner, it could not go beyond a normal fan cooler. And the average cooling temperature remained at 90.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, since it extracts the hot and dirty air from the back with fans directly from the front, the dirty and contaminated air was dispersed around without entering any filtering.The total cost of this air conditioner to us is approximately 74 dollars. (If you ask why it is so expensive, if you add the copper pipes we use for cooling and the cost of the time we spend with the electronic circuit module, it actually comes out even more.)

2-We are Trying Mini Portable Pro Air Conditioner !

As you can see above, although we want to make our air conditioner at home, the cost is almost the same (even a little more expensive), and the cooling temperature remains very low, I wonder if the mini portable air conditioner cools better ? brings to mind the question.

Mini Portable CoolAir Air Conditioner

Here I will discuss the best product on the market, CoolAir Portable Air Conditioner, which is the best cooling, portable, silent and stylishly designed product. You can see the pictures of the product in the attachment. The sale price on the official site is 67 dollars! (Yes, it is quite affordable, it even has a two-buy-one free offer right now, and it's even cheaper!)

cool air en son.jpg
CoolAir Mini Portable air conditioner comparison

As I mentioned as the design, I liked it very much, it is small, elegant and it cools very well (Approximately 74.8 degrees Fahrenheit!) Moreover, thanks to the special filters inside, the hot and dirty air entering from the rear comes out from the front cleanly and quite coldly. (You know, it is very difficult and costly to do this filtering for DIY air conditioner!) These filters can be removed and washed, and while all this is happening, it consumes only 10 watts of energy because it works with usb.

If you want to get more information about this Mini Portable Air Conditioner, you can look at its official site
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