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A new word was brought to the attention of DIY Doctor at the weekend.

Oikodomophobia. Apparently this term was coined in 2006 and comes from the ancient Greek ‘oikodomo’ meaning building, but the word oikodomophobia now refers to a fear of tradesmen!

According to an article in the Daily Express last Saturday, nearly five million men in Britain suffer from oikodomophobia.  Symptoms include nervousness, sweaty palms, difficulty breathing and sweating, which according to the article is brought about by their lack of knowledge when dealing with builders, electricians and plumbers. 

The statistics were gathered via a survey conducted by Thomson-local, with 30% of men saying they felt ‘intimidated and confused when speaking to tradespeople’. One in four admitted to needing help with DIY but admitted they were more likely to turn to friends for help rather than professional tradesmen.

Let us know if you or anyone you know suffers with oikodomophobia or you have any views on the subject!

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