DIY Doctor's Related Websites and Services

DIY Doctor maintains a number of websites that are related. We draw on these additional facilities to ensure you have a complete service. Here are our sister sites and what they can do for you.

Trusty Payment

This is DIY Doctor's answer to the age old problem of working and negotiating with Tradesmen. Conversely, it also solves the issue that tradesmen sometimes have in getting paid when they have done a good job. It is a payment protection service which manages the payments to tradesmen from the home owner (using an escrow facility).

Find out all you need to know about how you can protect your home here.

Trusty Payment - Money management and escrow services

Trusty Payment escrow services

Price Doctor

This is the webs most simple extension pricing solution for an extension. Use it when you are planning and budgeting to see what you are likely to be able to afford. Use it to check quotes and understand the variation between the quotes that you have got, by printing off the complete itemised list of materials and labour.

There is even a Trade version which makes it easier to produce quotations and estimates.

Click here to Price Doctor your extension.

Price Doctor quote checking for extensions

Price Doctor quote checking for extensions

Be Energy Smart

Here you will find lots of information about green energy solutions which will be appropriate for your home. Use the Energy Assessment to see which energy saving solutions will save you the most money before you have to go to the expense of getting a paid assessment.

See which green energy will work best in your home.

Be Energy Smart green living help and advice

Be Energy Smart green living help and advice

The Southern Tool Show

This is a result of the partnership between DIY Doctor and Carnah Events, the organisers behind the Northern and Southern Home Shows. The Southern Tool Show is actually co-located with the Southern Home Improvement Show in Alexandra Palace in London. Find out more about DIY Doctor's role at this show and the other shows we attend here.

For more information about the Southern Tool Show please visit the website.

The Southern Home and Tool Show

The Southern Home and Tool Show

Market Doctor

Market Doctor offer specific marketing advice and services to companies that serve the Building and Home improvement Trade. After many years experience in the trade, and marketing the trade, Market Doctor is a very specialised marketing consultancy.

Having launched countless new products into the industry and help numerous business navigate the tricky transition to marking on line, this is a marketing agency with all the battle scars. We've taken all the bullets for you!

If you want to market your business or launch a new product into the construction sector get in touch now.

Market Doctor marketing help and advice for small businesses

Market Doctor marketing help and advice for small businesses