Win a Two Wall Shower Panel Kit and Everything you Need to put it up and Create the Perfect new Shower

Courtesy of Interior Panel Systems Ltd, we’ve managed to get our hands on an amazing sandstone colour shower panel kit for a corner shower. The kit is worth over £250 and includes the corner trim, edging bead, adhesive and sealant – and we’re going to give it away!

If you’re thinking of doing up a bathroom - and seriously, who isn't - then this is the perfect prize for you – No fiddly time consuming tiles, no leaking joints and a really easy to clean surface. This fantastic kit can even be installed over your existing tiles.

If you win, you could buy an extra couple of panels at a discounted rate and panel out your whole bathroom as seen in the image below and our website project on panelling a bathroom.

Fill in the form opposite answering the simple question to enter the prize draw – this competition is open to anyone over 18; there is no purchase necessary. Please see the full T&C’s here. The winner will be selected at random. The competition will close at midday on Tuesday 12th December.

Shower panels installed in a bathroom around a shower

Shower panels installed in a bathroom

Answer this Question to Win:

What are shower panels?

A. Stop you getting wet if you don’t have a shower cap.

B. A beautiful and hugely variety alternative to tiles to use in a bathroom

C. The industry body to checking the regulations for all shower designs

D. Gifts given when a baby is born particularly in North America


More about this Prize

As materials have improve over the years, tiles are no longer the only answer to water proofing the wall around your shower or bath.

Shower or bathroom panels are typically a PVC panel that is joined with a tongue and groove system which is nearly seamless. They are totally waterproof and can have anything printed on them which makes them limitless in terms of styles and decoration. Your prize will be a pair of sandstone effect panels with chrome trims.

Shower panels installed behind bath

Answer Hint - If you're not sure about the answer read this project

Who are IPSL?

We have been given this incredible prize by one of the leading bathroom panel retailers in the British Isles, IPSL, or Interior Panel Systems Limited. The supply a huge range of panel and even flooring which can be used anywhere in your home.

All their range comes with a 10 year warranty. The range is extensive, and they have staff on hand to help you to make the right choice.

Shower panels come with a 10 year guarantee

In fact it was IPSL who supplier our panels for our video showing how you can fit them yourself. Have a look here so you know how you will fit your prize!

Fitting Shower Panels

One of the great things about shower and bathroom panels is that they can be fitted by a competent DIY enthusiast and they can be much more dramatic that tiles if you get the right design.

When it comes to fitting them it is worth reading our project explaining how to do it and some tricks to getting your panels up without all the stress.

Bare wall ready for installing shower panels

Bare wall prepped and ready to install shower panels

They can be fitted to any kind of internal wall, even over existing tiles so there is no excuse! You should get your bathroom looking fantastic again in no time at all.