Adjusting Blockbuilt Step Level.

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I'm building steps to my newly completed conservatory, but the level of the bottom step is 25mm too low. The block built steps are to have 35mm textured slab treads. I can think of the following possible solutions - which would you recommend, or is there a better solution?

1. Cut 20mm paving slabs to cover the entire area and bed them in aprox. 5mm of mortar. The textured slab would then be set in a 10mm bed of mortar.

2. Cut 20mm paving slabs into strips, bed them in aprox. 5mm of mortar and then the textured slab.

3. Put shuttering up and then fill with 25mm of concrete, then when set, put the textured slab on a 10mm mortar bed.

Any suggestions very welcome!
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