Bathroom basin tap problem - fell apart

Postby Richard6579834 » Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:32 am

I have a tap that one day become very stiff and the following day stopped working properly. When turning the tap off, the tap keeps turning forever, coming on and turning almost (but never quite completely) off as it does so.

I undid the tap today and found that the bottom part had fallen off. (Sorry, I have no plumbing knowledge and don't know the names of the parts.)

When I look at the parts, I have an outer tube that and two parts that were in it. One part connects to the top of the tap and the other appears to screw into it using a backwards thread within the tube. I have tried to screw the two parts together and it looked OK but as soon as I reassemble the tap and turn it off, the bottom part falls off again.

Is this fixable? I can't afford to have a new tap fitted and I can't turn on the hot water because it just constantly pours out of the hot tap :(
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