boiler cycling,recent prob.

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hi, be gentle i'm new to this.
boiler = ideal icos 3080(6yrs old)grunfos selectric 15-60 pump a few yrs older,diverter valve,8 rads no trv's.
problem started few weeks backduring cold snap,wife reported funny noise from boiler, checked for said noise,nothing found and hasn't been repeated,but(there's always a"but")I did notice that even though it was only 1hr since start up and room stat no where near up to temp,boiler shut down(flameLED flashing quick for 30 secs then slow for 150 secs then boiler relit itself ran for 7 mins) and then proceeded to repeat this sequence until room stat eventually reached temp.
boiler display showing"c"until roomstat clicks it to "o"
rads did not cool noticibly and hot water seemed fine.
had RGI service boiler,no faults found and display does not register any fault codes
problem ongoing +just to wind me up a bit more system is now suffering from intermitent explosive ignition(will get man back for that but would like to solve both probs with one visit)

any suggestions appreiciated
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