Boiling hot water coming out of the cold water tap

Postby plumbdumb » Tue Aug 07, 2007 7:23 pm

I haven't had any trouble with hot and cold water until last night. I got back from holiday yesterday after being away for 5 days. And tried to have a bath. Boiling hot water came out of both bath taps . The basin in the bathroom was the same - very hot water coming out of both the hot and the cold tap.

Strangely, the kitchen taps seemed normal - cold water coming out of cold tap and hot water coming out of hot tap. And the washing machine was working fine too.

The managing agent sent an electrician the next day (this morning) and he said that everything looked fine. I checked the water this evening, and now it is warm water out of the cold tap, and hot water out of the hot tap.

Any ideas what it might be?

The only thing (as far as I know) that has happened related the flat - is the Electricity meter has been replaced (yesterday afternoon) by the electricity provider. The electricity meter is located in the communal area of the block (not in my actual flat). There is no gas in the flat.
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