Carpeting an untreated concrete floor... common practise?

Postby DrRocketMan » Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:55 pm

Is it common to lay underlay then carpet directly onto an untreated concrete floor?

The reason I ask is that while my concrete floor is solid and relatively level (nothing the underlay doesn't deal with), it dusts up rather heavily. The act of hoovering seems to release 2-3mm diameter "stones" which don't go up the hoover en-masse.

Don't get me wrong, the flooring is solid enough... it just shows symptoms of over-floating perhaps.

Rather than a self leveling compound I was thinking of using a concrete sealant/primer to stabalise the surface and prevent dusting (which can't be doing the carpet much good). There are tins of sealant available from £10 to £100+!!

Any views/comments/advice greatfully accepted.

Many thanks in advance.

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