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I have recently re-fitted our en-suite, and was forced to install some "tap isolaters" to stop the water flow to the sink in the en-suite. We drained the system, fitted the sink, opened the isolators and all was well, apart from the cold tap in the bathroom. I have cold water downstairs in the kitchen, also in the toliet, and in the ensuite, sink and shower. I thought was maybe a "sticky" washer so i dismantled the tap only to find no water flow. I stripped the plastic pipes down to the floor level (where they disapear) and there is water in the pipes but not at any flow. I have checked both tanks in the loft and both are full and re-fill when drained.
Toliet flushes in the bathroom and the cold tap to the sink (in the same room) works!

15/5 Also connected the cold feed of the washing machine to the hot feed, left hot feed switched off and cold on, turned troublesome tap on and still no water flow. Dismantled the tap and no water in pipes

22/5 Found out that the cold water is a direct feed system. If cold water turned off at mains stops ALL cold water to house. Block the tap mixed in bathroom with plastic carrier bag, turned on hot tap, left for 30mins, then turned cold tap on in bath, get 30secs of air and then a drip of water - am i making progress?

30/5 Horray success.....managed to work out that the cold feed down pipe tap was stuck off. The rest of the cold water is supllied via the mains but the bath (and only the bath) cold is supplied via the tank in the loft.....replaced the tap in the hotroom and hey presto we have cold water running in the bath!

any comments/help greatly appreciated
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