Condensation problem

Postby scifo » Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:21 pm

I have been having on going condensation problem in my 1960 bungalow.I bought the property 6 months ago the bedroom had some black mould on the ceiling and the walls when the wall paper was removed. Since redecorating we have expereinced a lot of condensation on windows and particualry the underside of ceiling near the eaves in the bedroom.

Since then I have fitted trickle vents to the double glazing and i have installed cavity wall insulation and300mm of loft insulation. But the problem still is reoccuring!

An experts has suggested a positive pressure ventilation system, but at a cost of £400 im a bit hesitant. This is where air is pushed into the house by a fan taking air from the roofspace, by air coming in from the eaves. Has anyone any comments on this types of the this system is it effective?

Or what else could i try. I don think a dehumidified is the answer only a short term fix.
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Simply Build It

Postby scifo » Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:06 am

Well nobody replied so I took the plunge and spent £460 on an Envirovent Loft Positive input ventilation fan!

The verdict is good! The whole house smelly a lot fresher, some rooms seemed stale and slightly damp. The condensatin has greater reduced with no condensation on the windows in any room except the worst ofending room our bedroom. The bedroom now has a light bit of condensation in the morning covering my be 2/3s of the window bottom to top. But it nothing like it was before where it was streaming down the window and pool on the cill as well as the ceilng sometimes dripping.

Obviously everybodies house and situtation is different, but in this case I had exhausted all the cheaper options and this has done the trick so it money well spent.

I am not a sales man by the way!
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