Floating Chipboard Floor over unlevel stone flags

Postby antmcc » Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:31 pm

I'm replacing my Kitchen and in doing so I discovered that the old screed on the floor had separated from the base, I've hacked this off and found the original sandstone flags (laid on earth).

The flags are very unlevel, up to 40mm and hence it would swallow lots of self levelling compound (cost...!), but the thinnest sections of the old floor were only 4 mm on top of the flags, so I can't use screed. I thought of installing a chipboard floating floor over a DPM, but I don't have much height to play with.

Therefore I'm after some thoughts..

If I laid sand onto the flags (to level them up) then DPM, then some thin insulation (6mm depron?) could I float a chipboard floor on this? I'm not convinced whether this would be better or worse than a really thin screed, because the old screed lifted (I assume because of damp through the original stone base), so I expect any new screed would do the same.


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