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Postby stevediy » Sun Apr 29, 2007 11:04 am

In the process of trying to sort professionally (no one currently identified) and by DIY some very major problems left by a building company, recently, as part of a moderate 2 storey extension.

One issue is 1st floor flooring including joist levels and the flooring material used/ can be used considering the regs.

Pine floor bds to match existing were spec'd, but we have 22mm chip bd (described as moisture bd) that undulates to varying degrees and fails to properly align at the tresholds of the existing floors. We were told that we couldn't have pine bds due to the fire regs.

The ceilings below have LV spots fitted.

Could somebody advise if this is correct and if yes what can be done to have pine & meet the regs.

The joists (from memory) are rested into to joist hangers (only) on the original wall and 'built-in' to the inner block course of the new wall, at 400 centres.

Again, is there a recognised method used to level said joists, although I intend to accomodate as much undulation as possible to avoid affecting ceiling below.

This is also a problem we have on the gnd floor (same construction as above), where undulations appear to be approx 10mm (in the process of acurately surveying). The surface is also 22mm moisture bd and is soon to come up to sort the loft type insulation that has fallen between joists even though (I now understand) roofing felt was used to suspend. I have already extended a couple of joists cut too short at a door threshold and managed to pretty closely align to an original floor; this I intend to use as a datum for the remainder of the floor.

We have had a very bad experince with our build(ers)/continuing to have a bad experience with the build, and therfore need as much objective advice as poss, so if any is available it would be very much appreciated.
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Postby thedoctor » Sun Apr 29, 2007 11:33 am

Absolutely nothing to stop pine boards being used as a floor anywhere in the building Steve, you have been lied to. The project on levelling floor joists will help you by attaching timber to the sides of the original joists but it would be a whole lot easier to get the builders back. It does not cost the earth to call in a professional building surveyor who can list the faults in the build and then you can detail these in a letter of complaint. We do not approve of people just putting right shoddy work from builders as it allows the builders just to carry on doing bad work for others. They should be taken to task.
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Postby stevediy » Mon Apr 30, 2007 12:45 pm

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