How does one use multi boilers?

Postby ericmark » Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:31 pm

I was looking at the instruction sheet for a intergasheating boiler using a three port valve and external heat exchanger for domestic water.

I was surprised how little information was given and the amount of control done by the boiler.

In the main people tend to use combi boilers but where there is an alternative form of heating be this a solid fuel stove or a solar panel then the idea of using a cistern again comes into it's own.

However looking at the instruction set there was nothing about how to modify to work with other boilers. There was however reference to using a PC to program.

So just out of interest what extra control is possible by using a PC to re-program? Is there an option to use these with SCADA or a HMI and a PLC to integrate with other boilers?

Wiring as a simple stand alone seemed straight forward but with so much being done in the boilers own programmer it seems it would be a problem to used with other boilers unless there is some thing which can be changed once the PC is plugged it to return it to simple switched sensors rather then the resistive sensors used in it's standard form.
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