how many airbricks??

Postby voddybird » Tue Oct 23, 2007 10:53 am

[/img][/i] I had several quotes for installation of airbricks (to hopefully cure my damp wall) these range from 2 airbricks per 3-4m to 6 airbricks per 3-4m. with very differant prices! i have also been advised to have the dpc injecton to. All this is very confusing! All I want to know is how many airbricks do I require? the wall with the biggest problem is roughly 4m in length. My damp on the wall (which is papered) dries out when then window is left open and heating on low.
Also would the rain water drain which has been blocked for ages is situated outside this particular wall. (countless calls to the council!!!) would this contribute to the problem? Hope this makes some sense and any answers would be a help! couldnt find the answer on any of the pages thank you
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Postby Ken Woodchef » Tue Oct 23, 2007 6:04 pm

Hi. The first thing to establish is what is causing the problem, as you could be spending money unnecessarily.

Fixing the down pipe, irrespective of where it's situated should be done, as is serves a purpose and it could also be contributing to the problem, although if opening a window and heating on low, it dries out, this could be excessive condensation as a result of insufficient air changes taking place within the room causing the air to become laden with moisture and condensing on the walls.

There are a number of causes of damp, not all of which are obvious, so I would recommend getting a specialist damp proofing company in to do an assessment, this could save you a packet.

Hope this helps

Ken Woodchef
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Postby voddybird » Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:36 pm

Thank you for your reply, Investigations are being made slowly and surely. Have removed the damp wall paper boo hoo! Still waiting for the council to unblock drain properly, although they say this wouldnt be the problem. It also seems possible that the alleyway on the side in question may of been put down after my damp coarse, so it is now above it!! which I dont think is a good thing. Anyway maybe will get to the bottom of it eventually.
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