installing a multi fire stove(firefox5)

Postby spud55 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:54 pm

Hi,i am tring to install this fire,so far i have ,

opened up my chimney

swept chimney

built brick recess to fit said fire

put concrete hearth in

this is were i am kinda stuck,wit happens now,

do i build up new hearth with stone ,also stone slab for fire to sit on,tile sides and back of recess for were the fire is going to fit into.

tile part of the front were mantle is goint to sit,then make good any plaster work.

this will make the fire opening finished .

do i next put flue liner down chimney,fixing it at the top,if i then put insulation down at this point,i will have a problem,the chimney flue opens into a bigger area and all insulation will fall into fire opening,do i have to close off bottom of chimney before it opens up,say a metal plate screwed into brickwork with an opening for the liner to pass thru it,then put insulation down and huanch chimney pot back into place.

do i then connect liner to adaptor(5inch to 6 inch),then connect this to stove pipe and fix into place the register plate,also fill all connections with fire rope/fire cement.

is this the best way to do this job

all help appreciated

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