Is this penetrating damp?

Postby SARAH00 » Tue Oct 16, 2007 7:59 pm

I have just had a new chemical dpc done for rising damp in my terrace property. I have not yet put the skirting boards on.

On either side of the front doorstep outside there are 2 huge stones that are supporting the brickwork.

Inside my livingroom I can see part of this stone in the corner (as the skirts aren't on and the plastering is not too the floor).

The problem I have noticed is that in certain weather conditions, (seems to be after rain), you can see tiny water droplets on the internal side of this stone. The droplets are so small it looks almost like frost, but when you put your hand it, it wets your hand.

Is this penetrating damp??

I am inclined to think this, because this only happens after damp rainy weather and you can actually see the water on it, so it can't be rising damp can it?

The house it well ventilated and I don't think it is condensation because it seems to be just this one huge stone.

Any suggestions!!??
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