Melting Roof.....Help !

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Hi All

I have a problem with my roof and I wonder if anyone can confirm what I believe.

The roof is a typical 35 degree sloping roof. It has IKO top grade shingles on the top covering as I wanted good quality. The underlay is ALL a thick bitumen based Snow and Ice barrier, not a name brand so I cannot guarentee the quality. I queried this at the time with the roofer as I felt that he shouldn't cover the whole roof with snow & ice but only the eaves and use normal felt in the middle, but he was quite adamant that the whole roof should be snow and ice.

What has happened. The South facing part of the roof which has the sun on all day has started to melt bitumen which is seeping from under the IKO iles. The roof has lots of leaking streaks of bitumen running about 12 inches each. This happened in the summer when the temperatures were in the early 40 degrees, so very hot.

The roofer is now denying responsibility and blaming the IKO tiles, but I am 90% sure that it is because he used inferior quality snow and ice barrier AND because he covered the whole roof with it.

This is not a cheap and easy solution as far as I can see as the whole South facing roof will need to be replaced .

Any thoughts would be appreciated ?

I have photo's if that will help.
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