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Hi all, hope you can help.

My father has just replaced the taps on the bathroom sink after the hot tap developed a leak. All seemed to go well, until a couple of days ago the cold tap has started to make the pipes rattle at certain flows. When the flow in question is reached, the pipe rattles fast like a machine gun. If careful, you can fine tune the flow even further and the rattling subsides, but instead the flow of water changes to a pulse with about 1 second intervals. He is stumped to the cause. I've looked around on the net for him, (he's a technnophobe!) and found 2 possible causes. 1, a "water hammer" but that should only happen when the tap is closed. (our noise is when the tap is opened as well.) or 2, a problem with the washer in the tap.

So, is my research correct, or is there another possible cause? And what should he do to sort it?

Thanks in advance,

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