Cuprinol Power Sprayer

Product Review Summary: Read our product review and watch our video on the cuprinol power sprayer and see how well it did during our test.

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Cuprinol Power Sprayer

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Manufacturer: Cuprinol

Model Number: Screwfix 90578

Type: 12V power sprayer

Included in the Box:

  • Lance and nozzel
  • 1 x 12 Volt Battery

Special Features:

  • 1 hour battery charge
  • Very lightweight
  • Easily cleaned
  • Can spray up to 12 panels with 1 charge.
  • 1 meter reach
  • Only 1kg in weight

The Doctor's Opinion

Reviewed by: The DIY Doctor

4 Stars
(4 out of 5 stars)

Great idea ! The cordless power makes this tool so easy to move around the garden and the battery holds out to do most average sized fences. It would not have hurt however, to place a spare battery in the box. The thing that amazed us was how easy this is to clean. A simple wash out and a run through (using the motor) with clean water and the thing was spotless and ready to go for next time. One word of warning; the power does not shut down the pressure immediately when you take your finger off the trigger. This makes the nozzle "dribble" a little. When you get used to it, its fine as you simply let the trigger go and keep the nozzle near the fence until the dribble stops. A good tool and one we use.