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This section contains all our ″how to″ projects which describe the best ways to get all your DIY home improvement jobs done and get you the DIY help you need. There are several ways to locate your desired DIY How To project depending on how you prefer to search.

Let us Search for your DIY Project: You can use the search box right at the top of the page (next to the search button), or just type the sort of project you're looking for into this box and we'll have a look for you:

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DIY Help and DIY Tips: There are some great little tricks of the trade that can help you to get the job done more quickly and easily. Have a look at these tips and tricks that tradesmen have been using for years and they might help you.

Even More DIY Home Improvement Help and Advice

DIY Doctor provides more that just DIY ″How to″ projects to help you to get your home improvement projects done. We offer a number of other useful resources to get the project finished safely and in the way that you want it done. Here's a selection that we think you might find useful:

Our UK DIY forum: If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, it is possible to ask a specific question in our forum and our active users (a significant proportion of which are practising tradesmen) will answer your query and reassure you about the best way to proceed.

Our Video Tutorials: Reading a step-by-step project is one thing but actually seeing how an expert does the job can be much more useful. We have collated a selection of great videos to help you - we've even made some useful video's ourselves which might give you that all important DIY help

Our Finding and Working with Tradesman Help and Advice: Sometimes you simply don't have time to do things yourself or you feel more comfortable getting an expert in to assist you. This is where we can help; we'll ensure that you really do get an expert and not a cowboy. All tradesmen we recommend are vetted.

Our DIY Blog and DIY News: We have a nationally recognised blog! We proved regular and interesting up dates about all areas of home improvement and DIY. Keep up to date with changes, new techniques and products with our informal and easy going blog.

Our DIY competitions and Quizzes: It's not all hard graft! We try to add a little fun to the mix with quizzes and competitions. There are regular prize draws and prizes of tools and merchandise. Why not have a go?

Our Tool Reviews: Do you want to know what a tool is for, how to use it and if it is the right one for the project you have in mind? Have a look at our reviews section where we show all and give our opinion on the various tools that we have looked at.

Our DIY Toolstore: We have always felt that it simply not good enough to show you how to do your DIY jobs around the house, we should show you the tools we would use and allow you to buy them should you need to.

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