Cheap Building Materials - How to Make the Most of Trade Accounts at Builder Merchants

Summary: How to buy building materials cheaper, in order to complete your project at minimum cost. Here are some great tips for getting your materials cheaply by making the most of trade accounts and trade cards from your builders merchant.

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You do not need to be a professional builder or developer to enjoy the bonuses of a trade account. If you are involved in renovation, extensions, alterations and or self-build....Read on.

Introducing the Trade Card and Trade Account

Self Build Trade Cards/Accounts are available from the vast majority of building supply companies such as Screwfix, Travis Perkins etc... and they are your key to lower cost building materials and supplies,available at a range of outlets nationwide!

Trade cards and accounts are ideal for self builders and renovators like you, to source building materials, plant and tool hire, roofing, insulation, white goods, flooring – absolutely everything you’ll need to complete your new home. These can also be used for building extensions, alterations and general renovation around the home. You do not have to be embarking on a huge project.

Trade Account and Card Key Features

  • All your building materials and supplies with one card.
  • Valid for a massive choice of general building materials and specialist supplies.
  • Save £££'s and cut the cost of your build and in some cases earn reward points
  • Expert advice and support right through your project.
  • Can be used by the self builder, renovator or an appointed contractor.

Additional Benefits

By creating a trade account or applying for a trade card, this can bring many other benefits. In some cases, some companies will match online prices to in-store prices, give special offer deals and a whole host of other great benefits.

Get an Account Manager

Most major building supply companies will provide an account manager and, if they do not mention this when you open an account, ask if there will be an account manager available - for a very good reason.

Although you should enjoy materials at a discount if you visit or ‘phone a building supply company branch, an account manager will often get you an even better discount. The people serving in a branch will usually not give you the maximum discount they can. An account manager, will know the maximum discount that can be given and is more interested in helping you. He / she will also know that the account managers from other companies will be on the prowl and will want to keep your custom And it is no bad thing to get an account at more than one supply company – you will then be able to ring round and get the best deal – although this is time consuming.

If you find an account manager that you get on with, then you will be able to tell him / her what other deals you can get and they may then improve their offer.

Your account manager will also be able to supply catalogues, technical literature and put you in contact with the technical departments of suppliers - they are keen to put themselves out to keep your custom.

How Much Can I Save?

The typical savings that a self builder will make on the materials purchased through Trade Accounts and Cards will vary depending on the mix of products purchased.

In many cases Trade Card and Account holders deserve a high level of dedicated and specialist service and many companies will recognise this - by providing you an account manager. With this in mind you can expect to receive advice on choosing and ordering your materials and goods from dedicated staff . Again, this can very much depend on the company and their own individual policies


Take Care of Your Materials

Once you have received your materials, don’t waste the money by storing them poorly. For example, we have seen many sheets of plasterboard go to waste because they were stored on edge and then bowed and cracked.

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