Summary: How to use scaffolding, scaffold towers and access equipment correctly

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There are many reasons why a normal tube scaffold should not be put up in a DIY way. Scaffolding is not only a trade in itself but it is a very dangerous one and if a scaffold is not put up 100% correctly, the results can be fatal. In 2003/4, falls from height accounted for 67 fatal accidents at work and nearly 4000 major injuries...and could be you. In 2005 regulations have been bought in to cover working at height. A copy of these regulations can be seen here.  Health and safety regulations can be seen here

Scaffold Tower Sales: Constructing a Scaffolding TowerScaffold Tower Sales: Scaffolding Tower

This project will concentrate on the use of tower scaffolds which can be used to gain access pretty much everywhere.

There are many companies throughout the country that hire and sell scaffolding and tower access platforms, aluminium towers, podium steps and all other access equipment and you can find information on these companies by simply searching a copy of the yellow pages or searching on the internet. It is sometimes cheaper to buy enough scaffolding for your project and then re-sell it on once you have finished, so this is also worth considering with it. In the majority of cases these towers can be erected by one individual but we always suggest that two people (With, sometimes, a third person) are involved for safety.

It is important that All towers are designed specifically to comply with the requirements of (European Standard), the BS1139 (part 3) 1994 & HD 1004. And all towers supplied are Warranted.

Scaffold towers are easily portable and can be carried, in lightweight sections, directly to their place of use. Most have lockable wheels so once a job like cleaning out gutters is started, the scaffold can simply be pushed further down the line allowing safe access to all parts of the project.

The tower above is called a micro podium, is designed for work at between 1.5 & 3m and is absolutely idea for most work around the home. Click on the picture itself for more details and a purchase price for this tower.

Scaffold towers of all kinds can be purchased but it is more usual, in a domestic/DIY situation to hire them. General hire rates for are below but they will vary across the country.

Working Height Platform Height▼ Double Width▼ Single Width▼
4.2m 2.2m £47.00pw £42.00pw
4.7m 2.7m £47.00pw £42.00pw
5.2m 3.2m £47.00pw £42.00pw
5.7m 3.7m £47.00pw £42.00pw
6.2m 4.2m £47.00pw £42.00pw
6.7m 4.7m £52.00pw £47.00pw
7.2m 5.2m £57.00pw £52.00pw
7.7m 5.7m £62.00pw £57.00pw
8.2m 6.2m £67.00pw £62.00pw
8.7m 6.7m £72.00pw £67.00pw
9.2m 7.2m £77.00pw £72.00pw
9.7m 7.7m £82.00pw £77.00pw
10.2m 8.2m £87.00pw £82.00pw
10.7m 8.7m £92.00pw £87.00pw
11.2m 9.2m £97.00pw £92.00pw
11.7m 9.7m £102.00pw £97.00pw

In some situations, sometimes situations which seem almost impossible (Cleaning the windows above a conservatory for example) a tower is the only practical, safe means of access. The image below demonstrates quite clearly how versatile these towers can be.

Scaffold Tower Sales: Industrial Tower

Stay safe..... Use a tower

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