Summary: Painting kitchen units, painting worktops, varnishing worktops, painting kitchen unit doors and painting cupboard doors

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One of the most frequent questions to Diydoctor involves painting kitchen units or cupboards, painting or varnishing worktops and generally revamping an existing kitchen.

As far as worktops go, unless they are timber, they should not be treated or painted with anything. The paint or varnish will eventually (quite soon in most cases) chip and crack. Worktops are used continually even if it is only to dump things on!

These imperfections will harbour germs leading to a very unhygienic work surface. Timber worktops should be treated with oil and this procedure can be seen in our project about the treatment of wooden worktops.

To paint the units, cupboards or cupboard doors is a little easier. If they are timber then treat them just the same as an ordinary door or door frame and see our preparing timber for painting project.

If the units, doors etc are melamine, the same cleaning techniques (sugar soap and a very fine sanding) should be used and then a coat of proprietary melamine primer should be used before the paint of your choice for the top coat. Melamine (problem solving) primer can be bought from our toolstore. See below

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