Screens and Partitions - Using a Screen or Partition to Temporarily Divide and Partition Areas

Summary: Information on screens and partitioning at home and in the office. Dividing a room with a temporary screen is a useful design technique to make the most of a space. Find out more about screen design, use and construction.

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In many situations with the modern home there is a need to create either more space or more privacy. Both of these can be accomplished using partitions or screens. One large room can become full of junk and remain that way for a long time without, seemingly, the room to put anything else. By adding a partition or screen, this large room can be divided up creating the illusion of more space and allowing a lot of things in one section to be hidden from another.

Many homes are being built on an open plan basis these days and this is not always convenient for maximum privacy or personal space. Screens and partitions can solve this quite easily.

Screens and partitions, in most cases, are easily installed & can be movable if required.

Partition screen feature - screen openedPartition screen feature - closed screen

Although mostly used in offices, glass screens can be an attractive addition to any home.

Contemporary glass partition screen

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