Bosch Digital Detector

Product Review Summary: In this product review we test the Bosch Digital Detector and find out how good it is when we used it on site.

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Bosch Digital Detector

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Manufacturer: Bosch

Model Number: PD06

Type: Digital detector for power cables and metal pipes

Included in the Box:

  • Digital Meter
  • 9 Volt Battery

Special Features:

  • Accurate depth detection of cables and pipes
  • Centre hole for accurate marking
  • Visual display

The Doctor's Opinion

Reviewed by: The DIY Doctor

3 Stars
(3 out of 5 stars)

Great little tool for not only detecting cables and pipes, but also for telling you how deep they are in the wall......However....The reading for a cable in a rendered wall (sand and cement) was 15mm out while the reading for a plastered wall was spot on. We like tools like this because they keep the worker safe but the extraordinary lengths this machine tries to go to to be precise is the reason it costs twice as much as its nearest competitor. All the detail is fine, but it needs to be 100% accurate, which unfortunately it is not. Having said that it detects power and metal well and the hole feature is a real time saver to pinpoint the line of a cable. We own one, so it must be ok!