Router Bits

Summary: Advice on choosing the correct router bit to make shapes and cuts for all sorts of woodworking projects. How to determine which bits are best suited to your needs.

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After reading our project on using a router, we felt is was sensible to give you some idea of the types of router bit available from Builders Merchants and DIY Stores.

Each bit shown here will give you a different shape or "molding" and a very ordinary piece of timber can be turned into a piece of bespoke furniture quite easily.

The shape of each individual router bit can be seen from the bit itself and the shape it produces on the timber can be seen underneath.

For more information on forming timber joints, click on the link. There are a few pages of information so click between them to get a full idea of how to create your perfect timber project.

Router bits to make timber mouldings
Unusual router bits for different jobs
moulding router bits
Keep your router bits oiled and clean
Simple concave router bit shape
Detailed edges from a router bit kit
Making dovetail joints with router bits
Making mortice and tennon joints with router bits
Making surface grooves in timber using a router bit
Wide dovetail joints with wide router bit
Simulate tongue and groove joints with a router bit
Use a powerfull router for the best job

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