Demisting Mirrors

Summary: Demisting mirrors in bathrooms

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Demisting mirrors, most commonly in the bathroom, can be a real pain. It can seem like a life time when you are waiting for the mirror to demist after a shower or bath so that you can shave or apply makeup.

There are several ways that you can get around this problem, some can be done with little or expense and some involve some expenditure. Each of the methods outlined below have varying degrees of success.

Anti Fog Cleaners

There are quite a few of these available on the market today. Their main claim is that once applied they will keep your mirror fog free for a certain amount of time until applied again. Some are better than others. Some examples of these types of anti fog cleaners are Astonish Anti Fog Cleaner and also you could try Bolle Lens Cleaner. Again, as said, some of these have varying degrees of success so if you can buy a small bottle first just to try it.

Anti Fog or Demister Mirrors

These come in various forms, some are electric and require connecting to the mains supply (please also note that any electrical work in a bathroom is subject to Part P electrical regulations and cannot be done unless you are Part P registered) and feature a heating element built into the mirrors surface similar to that of the heated rear window in your car. On the whole these are quite good as they provide a constant heat source to the mirrors surface and in most cases ensure that the mirror itself remains relatively fog and mist free. An example of this type can be seen over at the Rolling Glass website

On the down side they require connecting to a mains electrical supply and due to this will require an electrician with the previously mentioned Part P certificate. They will also obviously cost you money to run (as a very rough estimate about 2-3 pence per week to run, depending on the model and manufacturer) and also impact on the environment.

Suction Cup Twist Lock Anti-fog Mirror

These feature a special anti fog coating property that is built into the mirrors surface that helps it to stay mist free. As this very much depends on the quality of the coating and build quality of the mirror, these can be a bit hit and miss. Also bear in mind that it’s not always the case that the more expensive the better, some cheaper models can be just as good. It’s always advisable to do some research online first. An example of this is the Croydex Anti-Fog Mirror.

The mirrors them selves in most cases require no drilling or fixing. Most feature quite an ingenious twist lock system. The suction cup is placed flush to the surface to which the mirror is to be fixed and the locking system is turned holding the mirror in place.

Shaving Cream, Tooth Paste, Liquid Soap, Vaseline and Shampoo

There are quite a few people that swear by some of theses methods and all it will cost is a little of your chosen substance. All you do is apply to the mirror surface, rub it in well and then wipe off with a dry, lint free cloth. In some cases this can last about 2 to 3 weeks before you have to repeat the process again.

Covering the Mirror

This is quite self explanatory. If you are able to hang a towel over the mirrors surface while you shower or bathe then this will cover the mirrors surface and prevent mist and fog building.

Opening Doors and Windows

This method again is quite self explanatory but can be a little unpleasant in the dead of winter. While you shower or bathe, leave a door or window open ever so slightly and this will prevent your mirror from steaming up.

Make Your Own Anti Fog Glass spray

Many have used this method before to great success. All it involves is making a vinegar based solution and rubbing it over the surface or your mirror.

  • To make the solution, firstly find a bowel and then add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar. Now add 2 pints of hot water and give it a stir. Be careful as the water will be hot.
  • Find a clean, dry lint free cloth and dip it into the solution. You may want to wear rubber gloves for this as the water will be hot. Wring out the cloth.
  • Wipe the mirror over with the cloth ensuring that you wipe over the whole surface. Once you have done this allow to dry and you should be fog free for a few weeks.

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