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mono-pitched roof garage with a 5 degree pitch

This Market Leader Garage has a mono-pitched roof garage with a 5 degree pitch to ensure it is rain-proof even in adverse weather

So what are the benefits of a Concrete Garage?

Adding a garage can provide you with tremendous benefits, as this space can be used in a number of ways. Here are some ways you could take advantage of adding concrete out-buildings from L. M. Concrete Garages.

Workshop – Fireproof and Insulated

One of the more popular uses for concrete garages, aside from parking, is a workshop. From woodworking to welding and everything in between, a concrete garage can be the perfect place to work on various projects. Since these buildings normally have concrete floors, you won’t have to worry about getting them dirty if you are working on greasy car parts.

Most importantly unlike timber buildings, they are also fireproof structures, which can bring you peace of mind if you happen to be doing any type of welding work that might produce sparks. Concrete garages also insulate well against noise, which means that you stand less chance of disturbing your neighbours if you are running noisy power tools.

Vehicle Storage – Safe and Secure

Concrete garages are ideal for storing vehicles because of their stability and durability. Metal buildings can sometimes collapse if a heavy storm causes falling tree limbs, but concrete structures are less likely to sustain this type of damage.

These garages also give you a safe place to park your vehicle away from the prying eyes of vandals. As a result, you could enjoy some savings on your insurance policy.

An added benefit is that your car won’t depreciate as quickly when it is stored out of the weather, as it would if it has been parked outside. Best of all, since these garages come in different heights, you can easily build one to accommodate taller vehicles, caravans or even Motorhomes.

This model is the Brackley Extra High – each panel is 8′ 6″ high making it ideal for storing a Caravan, Small Lorry, Boat or Motorhome

Storage – Clear the Clutter

It seems that everyone can use a little extra storage space, but renting a storage unit can be quite costly. Not only that, but getting to your belongings when they are needed can be inconvenient if they are stored in specialist storage units. Admittidly some have extended hours opening but many operate at roughly the same times as office hours.

Add on a garage for storage, and you’ll be able to remove some excess clutter from inside your home. The added benefit is that you will always have your possessions handy whenever they are required.

Even if storage isn’t your primary reason for building prefabricated garages, you can still make the most of the available space by adding a cabinet or drawer system into the structure that will enable little-used items to be stored out of the way.

Popular Range with a maintenance-free concrete facia to front and rear

This model is the Popular and features maintenance-free concrete facias to front and rear

Extra Living Space – Hobbies and Seasonal Overflow

Believe it or not, you could actually use concrete garages as additional living space. They can be used as ad hoc guest quarters, a game room, a “man cave” or even as entertainment space when hosting large numbers of people. This could be an excellent option if you only need the additional space occasionally, as a concrete garage can double as a storage area or parking space when it is not being used for other purposes.

When it comes to finding a building that is multi-functional, attractive, and easy to maintain, nothing fits the bill quite as nicely as a concrete garage. Contact L. M. Concrete Garages today to find out just how affordable a concrete garage on your property could be.

DIY Doctors note: Thank you to L. M. Concrete Garages who provided the information and pictures for this article. The insulating properties of a concrete garage when tied in with the ease of construction could make them a very viable DIY project. Obviously if you intend to build a permanent structure on your property you must comply with building regulations, and you may also need Planning Permission. For further information in your area you should contact your local council, and you can also check out our guidance on Planning Permission and for more information on Building Regulations please visit our Project Pages.

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