Dishwasher Problems and Answers - Find out About Common Faults With Dishwashers and How you can Fix Them

Summary: Dishwasher problems and how to repair dishwasher parts including diagnosis and replacement. In this project we list some common faults that occur with dishwashers including what parts commonly fail.

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Dishwashers and dishwasher problems are a fairly new part of our lives but most people who spend any time in the kitchen wonder how they did without them!

Modern slimline dishwasher in kitchen

A modern dishwasher under kitchen worktop

Many of the things that go wrong with a dishwasher are user errors and as much as we don't like to admit it, could have been avoided if only we had read the instructions. The following is a list of easily rectifiable problems but if you are at all worried, or encounter something not explained here, please call an engineer.

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No power to dishwasher:

  • Check other appliances for power cut
  • Check fuse in plug and consumer unit
  • Check door is closed properly
  • Check water is switched on

Dishwasher leaking:

  • Overloaded with detergent
  • Check all pipes are connected properly with no splits
  • Seals round door leaking
  • Waste pipe split
Modern slimline dishwasher open

Inside view of a slimline dishwasher

Dishwasher not washing:

  • Badly stacked in machine
  • Low water pressure
  • Clean the strainer and filter
  • Water may be too hard to get a good wash

Dishwasher not filling:

  • Is valve from cold water open?
  • Turn water off, remove hose from dishwasher, turn waste on gently to see if hose is blocked
  • If hose is not blocked it may be the inlet valve

Dishwasher not taking the detergent:

  • Try using less detergent
  • Spray arm may be blocked. Poke out holes with a cocktail stick.

Dishwasher not draining:

  • Is drain hose damaged, blocked or bent?
  • Are the drains blocked?
  • Is sump strainer or filter blocked?
  • If your dishwasher hose goes into an appliance trap has the end been cut off of the end of the spigot?
  • If it makes an odd sound it may be the pump

You might like to visit our video section on troubleshooting in our plumbing section to to watch a video on common dishwasher problems.

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