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Storage is one of those things we simply cannot ever have enough of! These are the only 4 things you need to know to make sure you store your belonging well.

The trick is to make the most of the storage that you have, rather than what we all do is revert to trying to get or make more storage space. We have asked around, scoured the internet and also from our own bitter experience (and some sweet successes) come up with the 4 top tips for making the most of the storage space you have.

Here are our top tips for how to store things successfully

1. Have a Storage Plan

Think about what you are going to store and what you are going to get rid of. When you are de-cluttering the house, are you just going to clutter the loft instead?

Here are the sorts of thing that you should store in a loft or cellar:

  • Christmas Decorations
  • Empty boxes for electrical items that are still in warranty, in case they need to be returned
  • Seasonal sports gear; skiing kit or camping equipment, etc
  • Suitcases
  • Memorabilia
  • Wine – in a cellar only! The heavy stuff goes down and lighter stuff up, in the loft

If something is not on your list, then it should not go in the loft – be disciplined.

Organised loft storage

Organised storage saves time when you want to find something

2. Organise Your Storage

Easy loft access with a loft ladder

Loft Access can restrict the size of items that you can put up there

When you are putting it all away, you think that you will remember exactly what is in every box and where each box is. Sadly you won’t. In a couple of years time when you need that camping gear you’ll spend ages rummaging around looking for the right box.

Take a little extra time to organise and label everything as it goes in. Here are our top suggestions:

  • Label every box with the contents – use a permanent marker
  • Consider using a colour coding system so you can quickly see what will be in there without even having to read all of the label
  • Organise where you are going to put things and put similar things together
  • Things that you need more regularly should be more accessible
  • Label several sides of the box, so that if something is on top you can still see the label

3. Stack and Pack

You can quickly run out of storage especially if you are a hoarder! Think about how you are going to pack the space that you have. We’ve already mentioned that you probably want to avoid putting heavy things in the loft as they are not designed to hold more than 25kg per square meter. Put these in the cellar or garage.

Here are our tips for making the most of the space you have:

  • Put the larger and heavier items in first. You can then fill the spaces in between with smaller things
  • Stand large items and furniture on their ends so they take up less space
  • Think about adding shelves to make more space and make it easier to organise. The gable end is great for this, or between the trusses in the loft can have shelves with this great kit:

    Loft ledge storage system

    Loft Ledge Truss Shelving Kit

  • Use stacking plastic containers; they take less space and can be sealed to protect the contents. And they are really cheap
  • Have a thought for access too – lofts can be difficult to get into with heavy or large boxes, so packing accordingly

4. Sealed Storage

There is nothing worse than putting your treasured possessions away, and then a couple of years later finding that they have been damaged, or even destroyed. Whether it is moisture or some creature that does the damage it is the same result. The trick is to ensure that your belongs are stored properly before they are put away.

Here are some ideas to help you store them properly:

  • Before storing anything look for signs of moisture or nasty creature. This includes rodents to wood worm; if you suspect that they are present then solve this problem before using the space for storage
  • Never store anything that is damp or wet. Mildew will grow with only the smallest amounts of moisture. Consider packing silica gel sachets in to your containers to absorb any moisture
  • Use the right container – we like plastic containers because they are water proof, but cardboard boxes are fine if you are sure that your space is 100% dry. Seal the boxes so the contents are safe
  • Vacuum packing clothes, curtains and material. This will stop the moths getting to them. They might need an iron when they come our but at least they will not be eaten. Using Vacuum packing bags means that these items take up less space too
  • Put moth balls into all your boxes and containers – They are cheap and they work
  • Lofts and cellars are dusty. Make sure that everything is covered

These are the 4 steps that we think that you need to take to ensure that everything you store will come out in the same condition that you put it in.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any more tips to share.

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