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Woodworm: DIY Hints and Tips

Woodworm can be a serious problem for the structural integrity of the timber in your home but thankfully there are a few DIY prevention tips you can utilise to minimise their spread and prevent further infestations.

Woodworm Tip Number 1

In the warmer months (May – September), woodworm beetles will emerge from the wood they have inhabited to find a mate. The beetles will take flight in their search for a partner, so if you know you have a woodworm problem then it would be a good idea to install electric flytraps in any areas you believe to be affected. This will minimise breeding and limit further infestations.

Woodworm Tip Number 2

If you can coat an area of timber you suspect might be affected then you should do so. Woodworm beetles make tiny holes, much like those in a dartboard, when they burrow out. So, by giving affected timber a coat of white emulsion, you will make these holes easier to spot.

Woodworm Tip Number 3

Try and monitor the humidity level of any rooms you think might have woodworm. Woodworm enjoy moist, damp timber, so a well-ventilated room is less likely to come under attack.

Woodworm Tip 4

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, get rid of any furniture you suspect may have woodworm. People become understandably attached to items of furniture but nothing is worth exposing the rest of your home to woodworm for. If they are left alone, woodworm can cause serious structural problems within timber, so wherever possible, any affected timber should be removed from the property.

For further tips and cures for removing woodworm from your home check out our Woodworm Diagnosis and Treatment project

We would like to say thank you for the following Infographic and the tips supplied in this blog post came which came from woodworm treatment and solutions specialists Wise Property Care.

Woodworm Cycle

Life-cycle of Woodworm

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