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If you are thinking of replacing your shower or installing a shower for the first time you might like a little inspiration to see what type of showers are around and which is the best for you. From sleek minimalism to futuristic and artistic showers we have picked some of our favourites from around the web.

We have loads of information on choosing and installing showers in our projects section on DIY Doctor.

Minimal Showers

If you like sleek lines and no fuss when you are bathing then go for a minimal shower with the pipework hidden behind a panel – just leaving the shower head and controls in view. See how to fit a concealed shower.

The shower screen is a simple sheet of toughened glass which is held in place with the simplest fittings. The drain is fitted into the floor so there is no need for a shower tray.

Minimal Showers

Minimal Shower


To keep this style of shower enclosure looking amazing it needs to be kept clean and uncluttered at all times – do you think that would suit your household?

Maximal Shower

If you love the thought of a cascade of water coming at you from every direction you cold build a whole shower room with multi directional shower heads – or even enough space fro the whole family like this shower room below.

Dual Showers

Maximum Shower Experience

Image: Structuretech

By tiling all the surfaces you are free to splash around in the shower to your hearts content. Because there are so many shower jets in this room we recon you could get the whole family clean at the same time.

Waterfall Showers

If you like a load of water pouring out of your shower you could get a waterfall shower which directs a stream of water directly over your head – just like standing under a tropical waterfall.

Waterfall Shower

Waterfall Shower

Image: Oscarcanfixit

You will need to have a good supply of hot water in your hot water tank or a very fast combi boiler to service a shower like this, otherwise you could end up under a cold mountain stream at the end of your bathing session!

Vertical Shower

For a similar waterfall experience you could have a vertical shower which would use less water than the shower above while still giving the effect of standing in a tropical shower.

Vertical Shower

Vertical Shower

Image: Pinterest

If you like unusual showers why not consider something with space age styling?

Egg Shaped Shower

Egg Shower Yanko Designs

Egg Shower – Artistic Showers from Yanko Designs

This beautiful egg shaped shower would make a wow factor in your bathroom if you have the sort of space to accommodate it.

Imagine stepping into this space-age capsule to get clean every morning!

Artistic Shower

If you like something less Star Trek and more Heath Robinson you might like this amazing artistic shower which shows all the copper fittings on the way to the shower head. It’s a bit mad – but in a good way. The pipework becomes part of the structure as well as being the plumbing for the actual shower.

Axor Artistic Shower

Shower as Art by Axor

We suspect this might be more at home in a gallery than your bathroom! However you could certainly have fun working with a soldering iron and an armful of copper pipe.

If you fancy a bespoke shower you could also think about putting plumbing out in the garden:

Rose Garden Shower

This private courtyard makes a great spot for a cooling shower in the garden.

Garden Shower

Garden Shower

Image: TheStlishDirective Blog

The pipework is hidden in the pergola structure which also gives support to trailing and climbing roses – what a refreshing way to water the garden.

Pebble Bath and Shower

If you like the choice of a bath or shower outdoors how about this fabulous pebble-shaped bath with a shower above it?

Pebble Shower

Pebble Shower

Image: Pinterest

Kids would love to splash around in the bath in hot weather, and if you have an outdoor swimming pool this set up would be a lovely way to shower off after taking a dip.

Cutting Edge Shower

Turned one way this bathing sensation is an artistic shower cubicle, spin 180 degrees and it becomes a sensational wall bath.

Artistic Shower and Bath

Bathing in Style – Rotator by Ron Arad for Teuco

This may be our favourite artistic shower or bath, no shower . . . you get the point! See the video at the bottom of this page to see the Rotator in action.

Vintage Showers

Step back in time and clean up in an antique chrome shower – you could stand this in a Victorian-styled bathroom to fit in with the theme, or place it in an ultra modern bathroom to create a stunning contrast.

Vintage Showers

Vintage Shower


You might find the frame a bit constricting while you are scrubbing away – so why not consider a shower without walls at all.

Beach-side Shower

Be totally unconstrained as you bathe under this huge shower head, with no shower screen in sight.

Beach Shower

Shower without Walls


This huge shower head set over an oversized round bath tub doesn’t need to be set on the edge of a private beach to give you the feeling of freedom. You could have the same set-up overlooking your own garden, or have a favourite photograph blown up into wallpaper to create a picture wall of your choice.

Find out how to build a wetroom that won’t leak.

As promised here is a demonstration of the Rotator truely an artistic shower if ever we saw one!

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