Hand Tool Reviews – Irwin Visegrip Insulated VDE Electrical Combination Pliers

Product Review Summary: In this series of hand tool reviews we test the way the Irwin Vise Grip VDE range of pliers works. The range is tested to 10,000 volts AC and 1500 Volts DC and the application of a VDE certificate proves that to be the case. We test the soft grip for which Irwin are famous and the usability of these pliers, not just for electrical work, but for all jobs that combination pliers need to be able to do well.

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Video Review of the Irwin Visegrip VDE combination pliers

Hand Tool Review of the Irwin Visegrip insulated VDE Electrical Combination Pliers

Our review found these pliers not to be wanting in any respect. Combination pliers are called combination pliers because they cut as well as grip and in both respects these pliers are well worth their money.

The strength of the grip was great despite feeling as if there was little pressure being applied. This is down to the very soft (and insulated) handles which fit beautifully into the hand and make using these pliers much easier from a muscle fatigue point of view.

The incredibly strong induction hardened cutting edges allow these pliers to say sharp for a lot longer.

Visegrip VDE combination pliers

Irwin Visegrip insulated VDE electrical combination pliers

How the Irwin Visegrip insulated VDE Electrical Combination Pliers are Used

Getting a good grip with most pliers is quite hard because the grips are not very "grip friendly". Steel teeth can sometimes slip on a curved or shaped surface because not enough pressure can be applied to bite into the surface properly. This will not happen with these pliers if used properly. The soft grips allow a lot of pressure to be applied for both gripping and cutting although it seems as if you are not having to work hard.

As with all of Irwin's range of pliers, the strength of the jaw stays solid where-ever you hold the handles. The balance is great and they feel good in your hand. For cutting and snipping, the sharp edge stays totally in control and there is no sense that you need to rip the cables or wires apart.

Features and Benefits

  • Very sharp and strong gripping teeth
  • Certified safe to huge electrical currents
  • Sharp, hardened cutting edge
  • Great grip all the way down

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